G.ift O.f D.ance - performing arts studio
Fall dance 2013
Gift of Dance 2013 Fall Schedule
Ballet 1-youth 4:45-5:45 placement only
Ballet 1-Adult 5:50-6:50...beginning Oct.1 
Ballet 2 6:55-7:55...beginning Oct.1

Jazz 4:45-5:30 ages 8-teen
Mini Angels 5:30-6:00 ages 3-4
Gifted Angels 6:00-7:00 ages 8-10

Tiny Angels w/ tap 5:25-6:00 ages 3-5
Little Angels w/ tap 6:00-6:40 ages 5-8
B-Boy...for boys and girls   6:45-7:45 

Dancing Angels 4:00-5:30 teens
Adult tap 5:30-6:30...beginning Oct. 1 
Jazz/Contemporary-Adult 6:35-7:35 

“Cheer to be fit” 4:00-4:40 
Tiny Angels 4:40-5:15 
Little Angels 5:15-6:40 

Saturdays...Special Interest classes are based on pre-registration
Beginning tap-youth 
Beginning tap-teen
Creative Jazz Hip hop 
Special Needs 
Ballet Boot Camp 
Partners Improvisation
Teacher Workshop 
Retirement Centers 

BFE classes “balance, flexibility, extensions ” - for the dancer wanting to stay “fresh” during the summer months...continuous stretching, muscle toning exercises, flexibility, balance with turns, leaps, jumps, and kicks...utilizing Graham technique, limone stretches, ballet positions, African movement, sit ups and push ups and much more!

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